Queercation: A queer and ally tattoo conference we created!!!

Produced by Castro Tattoo with Haley Adams, Leslie Mah, and Tattoonow on the steering committee. 


"Tattoo conferences have always been a great place to share knowledge, build community, and get inspired! For queer people, however, it can be a challenge to enter spaces or events that are free from harassment, stigma, hostile opinions, or unsolicited questions about ourselves. Therefore, we have created a committee of queer, diverse tattooers, and/or people in the industry, who are creating the first Queer and Ally Tattoo Conference, in order to provide affirming space in which to learn, share, create, and foster community. Queercation is a tattooers’ conference that will offer seminars on art and tattooing practices by queer and ally tattooers. Seminars and panels will be provided by talented, professional industry people on topics such as history, health, and safety standards, and issues such as colorism in tattooing. Additionally, there will be regional excursions and nightlife entertainment."